CUREGGIA - LUGANO characteristic VILLA by arch. Franco Pontilake view

characteristic VILLA by arch. Franco Ponti
lake view

This characteristic and enchanting villa designed by famous architect Franco Ponti, an object for amateurs, is located in the village of Cureggia, a section of the municipality of Lugano, situated on the slopes of Mount Boglia, in the neighbourhood of the city of Lugano.
The villa is located in a residential area, with spectacular views on the city, the lake and the surrounding mountains.
The property is part of the inventory list MC7 of federal buildings and artefacts of cultural interest.
A very close located bus stop, provides public transportation connections to the city center, which is some 10 minutes away.
Plot area (Residential zone IS 0.4 = 630,40 sqm) approx. 1'576 sqm (1507 sq.m Extensive residential zone, 69 sq.m extensions and new sections).
Living surface villa approx. 140 sqm

Year of construction 1960

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